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Is your website boring? offers 23 different gadgets to spice up your website! Our gadgets let you keep visitors coming back, and to find out what your visitors have on their minds. Best of all, our service is 100% free for life!

Signup today, it's quick and easy, and you can add a message board, voting booth, and much more. You don't need to know how to program. You don't need to install anything on your website. All you have to do is copy and paste a little bit of code, and you're set.

What else? Our gadgets are completely customizable. You can make them look exactly like your website, making your visitors more at home and more comfortable. Even better, all our gadgets are easy to use... not just for you, but your visitors too.

Not convinced? Here are some samples and how they can help YOUR site.

  • Tell-A-Friend (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Let your visitors spread the word! Just post a link and they can instantly tell all their friends how great your site is, encouraging them to come visit.
  • Postcards (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Let your visitors send and receive postcards - choose your own images!
  • Maillist Builder (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    An easy way to allow signups for a mailing list.
  • Random Link (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Send your user to one of any number of random links that you specify.
  • Search Engine (more info | Join Now!)
    Let your users search the web -- from your own website! Completely customize the look and feel of this search engine to match your website.
  • Counter (Join Now!)
    A simple text counter for your website. See how many people have visited your website!
  • Countdown (Join Now!)
    Countdown to a specific date using this great gadget. It shows, down to the second, the time left until the date and time you specify.
  • Random Image (Join Now!)
    Show a random image each time someone visits your website. Add variety to your website easily and automatically!
  • "Top Sites" (more info | sample page | Join Now!)
    Track people linking to you, or run your own 'Top 10' on the web... however you use it, a Top Sites program is one of the easiest and fastest ways to build a huge amount of traffic to your website, and earn important links to your site as well.
  • Headline News (more info | Join Now!)
    Display the latest headline news from almost 40 different categories... right on your own page, updated automatically and instantly!
  • FunLibs (more info | sample page | Join Now!)
    Let users fill in the blanks to a story that you can customize!
  • Interactive Story (more info | sample page | Join Now!)
    Let your visitors read and write their own interactive story! Just like around the Girl Scouts campfire, except no smores.
  • Download Tracker (more info | Join Now!)
    Track the number of times each of your files are downloaded! Find out which files are most popular, and which are not!
  • Message Board (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    If you don't already have a message board, set one up now. Boards are a great way to promote community within your website, and the best way to keep visitors coming back day after day.
  • Guestbook (more info | sample [view] | sample [sign] | Join Now!)
    Guestbooks are the pride of the webmaster - let your visitors leave you fun and friendly messages for the world to see.
  • Compliments (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    As a webmaster, you are entitled to have a big head. A simple compliments script is a great way to boost your ego and find out how many of your visitors really do like your site.
  • Password Protection (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Psst... got a secret? Keep it a secret with our password protection. Assign an unlimited number of users, each with their own password (or just give out one password to everyone).
  • What's New?! (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Visitors are more likely to come back if they have a reason to. A What's New page keeps visitors abreast of all the changes on your site, as you make them.
  • Voting Booth (more info | sample poll | sample results | Join Now!)
    Find out exactly how your visitors feel about whatever you desire... ask anything, and put as many responses as you wish for them to choose from.
  • Free Links Page (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Let your visitors leave their mark... and their link. Fellow webmasters are more likely to link to you if you let them place a link on your site. Our spam-proof links page lets your visitors easily place links WITHOUT hassling you.
  • Jump Around Jump Box (more info & sample | Join Now!)
    Simplify your site and make it easier to navigate with a free 'jump box'. Instead of slow-loading image maps, a single drop-down box can host all of your links.
  • Spam Fighter (more info | sample | Join Now!)
    Join the war against unsolicited commercial email. Our original script clogs up email address gathering spam-bots with hundreds of fake addresses. Might not stop them, but it will slow them down.
  • Free Content (Join Now!)
    SiteGadgets and a few select partners have teamed up to provide you with cool content to keep your visitors coming back!
  • Webhosting (More Information)
    Our parent company, Amusive Communications, now offers low-cost, high-feature webhosting. Starting at only 99 cents a month there's sure to be a package that fits your budget.

And here is a whole list of things to come, more great ways to improve your site.

  • Classified Ads
    Run your own classified ads, quick and easy. Keep users coming back to check out the latest, or to post their latest items up!
  • Fast Award
    A great script that lets you easily run your own web award! Keeps a searchable database and automatically will send out your award to winners. A great way to increase traffic!
  • Calendar
    Offer your own calendar of events on your website, and keep your visitors in the know about upcomming events and holidays.
  • Quizes, Tests, and Surveys
    We're always adding more ways for you to pick your visitors' brains... find out how smart they are, or just take a survey of their favorite TV show. It's all up to you.
Our other site has a full list of free contests you can enter to win cash and prizes.

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