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Site Gadgets: News

SiteGadgets news, updates, and server status page.

April 20, 2000:
  • New script: FunLibs
March 12, 2000:
  • New script: Headline News!
February 23, 2000:
  • New script: Interactive Story!
November 24, 1999:
  • New option - you can now edit the message sent out from the Tell-A-Friend script. Rejoice! For our US users, happy thanksgiving! For the others, uh, nevermind.
November 21, 1999:
  • New script: Postcards! We have also increased the pay of all the other scripts... enjoy!
November 11, 1999 (more):
  • Counter users can now choose between the old, graphical styled counter, and the new and quick-loading text-based counter. Both draw off the same count and are quite quick.
November 11, 1999:
  • We're not done yet - two more new scripts, TopSites and Download Tracker. More soon, too... no rest until we reach 20 scripts!
November 10, 1999:
  • We will be down about 20 minutes overnight (between 2-5 EST) while our NOC upgrades hardware.
November 8, 1999:
  • Two new scripts that we PAY you to host: mailing list builder, and tell-a-friend. We have also just added an admin control that lets you delete guestbook entries.
October 4, 1999:
  • SiteGadgets is proud to now offer two ad options: banner (default) or pop-up ads (new!). Feel free to log in to your account to update your preferences.
September 21, 1999:
  • SiteGadgets Testing Completed; Public Launch Date
September 3, 1999:
  • SiteGadgets Development Completed
December 30, 1998:
  • SiteGadgets Development Started
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